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🎥 1000 Rockets Launched off The Back of a BIKE

If you know Colin Furze, you know that he will try just about anything if the result yielded promises to have the potential of being cool and exciting, that includes everything from making a all kinds of different gadgets to something like this experiment that promises to launch 1000 rockets off of a bicycle! No, you didn’t read that one incorrectly, he’s planning on being a mobile human firework launch platform. We’re not really sure why but it is a ton of fun to watch.

The only way to figure it all out is to let the experiment rip and watch on as the bicycle gets engulfed a ball of controlled flames as the Fourth of July is unleashed all at once!

Will this bicycle be able to stand up to the blast? I guess there’s only one way to find out and that’s to do it! Colin is really putting himself in harm’s way here as he gets incredibly close to all of that heat in the name of putting on his show. You have to admire his willingness to always go above and beyond but in a showing like this, you really have to wonder what’s going on inside of that head to make ideas like this come about and furthermore to bring them to life like this!

Check out the video below as Colin plays with explosives just like the way that all of our inner pyros would love to and our parents always told us not to. This is something that I could definitely picture a much younger version of myself both doing and getting in trouble for all at once.

Down below, we have to forewarn you that this one gets rather hot. How will it all end once the fireworks are airborne? Find out for yourself!


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