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🎥 97 Year Old Goes For a Ride in a Tesla And Experiences New Technology!

Sometimes, it can be easy to get lost in all that this world has to offer, especially with the level of connectivity and availability of information that we seem to have these days. Every once in a while, it is good to have some perspective available to you so that you can see just how good you’ve got it because, after all, life probably isn’t as bad as it seems in the moment most of the time. Looking at the bigger picture can really help you to appreciate those things that you might take for granted.

This time, technology is the topic that is up for debate and we check out just how advanced things really are these days. Now, while it would seem like talking about technological advancement would mostly be a subjective matter, this time, we get a more objective take thanks to someone who is more of an outsider to modern technology than most people reading this article. At 97 years old, this man can’t really say that he understands the Tesla completely but that’s okay because we completely value his reaction that comes from a place of understanding with the way that the automobile use to be, a genuine reaction, indeed. After watching this, to say that the market has changed a lot would definitely be a massive understatement as half of what’s going on here seems like alien technology to the man.

The video below provides a little bit of the avenue that provides that aforementioned perspective along with giving you a bit of a heartwarming movement as a younger man and the old man are able to share in the joy of technology. Next time that you want to scream at something that is making your life incredibly convenient when it isn’t working as according to plan, just imagine not having it at all! Follow along below and you’ll be sure to find one of the most interesting reaction videos that you will witness on the web these days. The reactions don’t get much more genuine than this.

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