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’05 RX8 – LS/T56 Swap , Walk Around

’05 RX8 – LS/T56 Swap , Walk Around

It seems like these days, people are willing and ready to throw an LS engine in everything and just when you’d thought it’d all been done, we find yet another killer engine swap.

This time, the candidate is a Mazda RX-8, originally powered by rotary, but this time, the rotor powered engine is ditched for eight all-American cylinders!

We get a walkaround of the car that now features an LS engine backed up with a T56 to make this monster get in motion and have a little bit of fun!

Check out the swap in the video below and tell us what you think of this kind of swap. We know that this can be a quite polarizing idea with some in love with it and others left wondering why.