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1/6 scale RC Bike Simulator… Radical Miniature Build!

The creativity of my fellow humans never ceases to amaze me! From full-on car and truck builds to restoring Hot Wheels cars, people just come up with some of the most amazing ways to express themselves.

YouTuber danny huynh has brought together two of my favorite pastimes into an insanely cool little project that is much more than it initially appears. I’ll admit, I had to watch for a couple of minutes to understand what I was even looking at, and there’s a good chance there are details that I missed too, but I’ll do my best to point out what’s going on for those of you out there who may have missed some of the finer points of this setup.

At first glance, I think most of us caught that we’re looking at a 1/6 scale motorcycle, especially since that is the title of the video, The bike is a Tamiya scale radio controlled bike that Danny has modified to bolt onto his racing game simulator to emulate those awesome arcade games where you have to actually sit on a replica motorcycle and lean into the curves as they come at you on the screen. An RC servo, typically used to articulate the steering or throttle on an RC car, leans the bike back and forth according to the input from the controller, making the bike – along with it’s miniature rider – lean back and forth just like the real thing.

However, looking closer, there’s even more going on here. Look at the screen for the game itself and you’ll notice there are two devices, one on each side on the screen. As the bike leans and the throttle rises and falls, you can see these devices moving as well. These are also servos, these having been mounted to the touch-screen where the user would touch to control the game. That’s right, folks. He’s build this project to control the touch screen inputs of the game too, so he can sit back with his radio control transmitter and actually play the game as if he were driving his RC bike!

Now that, my friends, is pure creativity!


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