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1 Of 23 1965 Shelby Cobra’s Hits The Road With Jay Leno

There are very few cars in the landscape of automobiles that compare to the legend of the Shelby Cobra. In fact, the original car is one of the most iconic machines to have ever rolled on the earth for a variety of reasons. Not only was the machine a pioneer in creating what it means to be a racing car. It also had quite the story behind it as Carroll Shelby was an unlikely American mechanic that rose through the ranks to become one of the most respected car designers on Earth. In fact, he would go on to create many of America’s favorite machines.

This time, when we ride along with Jay Leno’s Garage, he gives us a little bit of a taste of the classic. This example is one of just 23 to ever exist and with that, Leno says that the car should be worth about $2.5 million. However, as we would expect from Jay Leno, he takes the opportunity to bring the machine to the streets.

Leno does admit that driving somebody else’s car worth seven figures on the streets is a little bit nerve-racking. However, it would be nothing short of a disservice to the amazing machine to just have it sitting around in the garage. The car in question it even has a pretty cool backstory as it was rescued from the fires in California and Leno was asked to give it a home. As it sits in his garage, we’re sure that Jay wants to add one of these bad boys to the collection more and more every day!

Jay Leno always seems to be a presenter who brings us details that we never would’ve even considered as he has one of the most well-rounded knowledge bases of any automotive presenter. Below, we can dig into the Shelby 427 Cobra Competition like never before.


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