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10 Best Mind-Blowing 1970s Car Chase Films

As the decades roll forward, different things change which is a given. For example, for those who enjoy movies, we have noticed that what we see on screen is drastically different these days than it might’ve been, say, 20, 30, or even 40 years ago.

While action movies of today can be visually impressive due to a heavy dose of special effects, that simply wasn’t the case in the 1970s. Not only was it not the case but it just wasn’t possible yet as the technology hadn’t been developed. Instead, filmmakers had to rely on a more hands-on approach if they decided that they did want to include some sort of stunt or effects in their films.

Here in the car community, naturally, our minds immediately shift to car chase sequences.

These days in movies, some pretty wild things happening on-screen *ahem* Fast and Furious. In these films, it’s absolutely no secret that extensive work is done on a computer to make us believe that we are actually seeing cars being hurled off of mountain tops and launched into space.

This time, though, we dive into a list of 10 of the most mind-blowing 1970s car chase films. Within these films, what we are seeing is some old-school danger that even comes with injuries from time to time. In addition, lots of cars were destroyed in the process, many of them cool old-school muscle cars as well.

Down in the video below, YouTube creator, MagnaLume puts together this top 10 list that has us raring and ready to dip into the old film catalog and watch some classic movies. For those who have never delved into the 70s, a list like this features some titles that you might want to add to the watch list. Even if they’re not going into space, some of these real stunts can be incredibly impressive!


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