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10 Crash Tests That are the Hardest to Watch

When a company produces a car to be driven on public roads, it has to go through a series of tests. For a machine to be able to be registered and insured, it has to be crash-tested. This means that even the elite of the elite have been demolished in the name of safety. Think about all of the millions in dollars of cars that have been mangled in order to sell the model. No model is safe from this fate if it is to be sold and driven, at least here in America.

This time, we take the opportunity to look behind the scenes at a little bit of crash testing. This might just be one of the most painful crash testing videos to watch. The subject matter includes some of the cars on the more expensive end of the spectrum. From vehicles like the McLaren F1 to the Koenigsegg Regera, we watch in awe as they’re thrust into a wall. There aren’t very many situations that arise where we watch these cars purposely wrecked. In a crash test situation, though, we look on as they are left at the liberty of momentum.

If you can deal with the terrible music, there is some entertaining content here, for sure. There’s something about watching these pieces of art destroyed in the name of safety that feels so wrong. On the other hand, though, it’s one of those situations that is simply difficult to draw your eyes away from.

Not all of these cars are exactly multi-million dollar spectacles. Some seem to be just a little bit more common than others. However, watching something like this can also give us some insight as to how these cars hold up against an accident. Proceed with caution because this one gets a little bit ugly!