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10 Fastest Runs of Festival of Speed 2022

For those who are fans of everything fast, Goodwood is an event to keep an eye out for. The Goodwood Festival of Speed features all of the who’s who of the automotive community’s vehicles. In the festival, we see not only very respected and established nameplates but also new nameplates. In fact, sometimes, the festival acts as one of the first real opportunities that we get to see the newly released production vehicles.

Among the events that go on at the Festival of Speed, perhaps the most popular is the Hillclimb. This gives spectators at home and on the web, an opportunity to watch these cars really go to work. We get to see the machines in a variety of conditions. This really exposes us to what the car is able to accomplish performance-wise. In turn, we also see how it looks and sounds. There are a variety of notes as it carves up the corners and accelerates into the straights. When these machines really get to accelerate, it can certainly be a symphony for the ears.

In the 2022 rendition of Goodwood, there were even more amazing machines to feast our eyes on. It seems as if each and every year, the Festival of Speed brings out the best and brightest in the industry, kind of giving us a compass that helps us to get an idea of which direction the industry is headed in and what might be the next hot new thing.

In the video below, we catch up with the fastest machines to make runs at the Goodwood Festival of speed 2022. It seems as if electric-powered vehicles are really dipping their toes in the water. One machine that really caught our eye was the Ford Pro Electric Supervan that kind of looks like a work van but performs like a race car!