10 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Don’t Want You To Know!

Now this is a useful video. To be sure, most of this may seem like common sense to ...

Now this is a useful video. To be sure, most of this may seem like common sense to many watching out there in Gearheadville, but for many, this information could be the difference in getting work done and getting taken advantage of, especially if they’re not too familiar with the intricate workings of a car. This advice will hopefully save somebody out there some money and headache down the road.

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The first piece of advice could likely be the most relevant of the ten featured in this 5 minute video. Mechanics definitely do use scare tactics, I’ve seen it myself on more than one occasion, and to the uninitiated, the things they say can be downright terrifying. As the narrator points out, there’s a real chance your car may need some work, but the chances it’s going to burst into flames or fall apart a mile down the road are practically zero.

The next two go hand in hand: check the mechanic’s certifications and ask questions! You want to make sure you’re working with a mechanic who’s been properly educated and the more questions you ask, and the more they’re able to answer, the more confident you can feel that they’re doing their job correctly.

The next one is a common sense one for most of us, but again, we know not everybody knows what to look for. A mechanic asking you to sign anything that doesn’t have a specific job and price on it is a huge red flag. Signing a blank authorization form is the equivalent of handing your mechanic a blank check, and once it has your name on it, you’re on the hook for whatever charges the mechanic can come up with.

I’m not giving you the rest of these tips, you’ll have to watch the video to find out the remaining six-pointers. Go ahead and hit that play button and make sure you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

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