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10 Simple WD 40 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Days Easier

Posted by: Matt Wright on November 17, 2020

Most any gearhead knows what the main use for WD40 is: loosening stuck and tight bolts and nuts. Just soak a seized bolt with a nice coating of WD40 and give it a few minutes to penetrate, and most of the time it will loosen right up.

However, this video shows up ten (well, almost ten… you’ll see what I mean) alternative uses for the fragrant spray. Even though not ALL of these uses pan out as advertised, most of them do and some of them could really come in handy. You can use it to clean up a whiteboard that has had non-dry erase marker applied, you can use it to start a fire in the pouring rain. It can also be used to clean up stainless kitchen accessories and make canvas shoes water resistant. It doesn’t, however, keep your mirrors from fogging up. But it can’t do everything!

One application that will definitely score some brownie points with the lady of the house is using WD40 to get chewing gum out of carpet, which can be a disaster, and it also works to remove crayon marks on your computer screen, for those of us with creative little ones. It can even be used to lessen the appearance of scratches on your cars paint, which seems like a miracle, but it does HELP (it doesn’t get rid of them, though).

Keep a can or 12 in the house, this still really does do a lot of amazing things besides loosen those rusty nuts!

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