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10-Year-Old Boy Leads Cops on 100-mph Joyride

Oh, the preteen years. As a juvenile, before are you eventually hit teenager status, there are so many memories to be made whether you’re hanging out with your friends watching a movie, playing your favorite video game, or… stealing a car? As it would turn out for this 10-year-old, he didn’t exactly spend the last days of his first decade on earth exactly how his peers might have. Instead, he would do a little something that would end up getting him in a lot of hot water. Just to provide full disclosure, this is probably something that the 10-year-old version of myself would have loved to do.

Instead of all of the normal things that 10-year-olds get themselves into, this kid was ready to steal his parents’ car and go on a joyride. Normally, when we have seen similar situations unfolds, it seems like it ends with either the kids crashing the car not too far from home or simply wheeling it back to the house to try and remain undetected. However, this time, the stolen car situation would end up in a pretty big car chase that would have a wide variety of police officers trying to chase down the stolen vehicle.

As the kid is only a youngster, it’s a situation that the police had to handle with care, skillfully plotting their moves that would attempt to prevent injury to the child in the chase that ended in a PIT maneuver. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that if this young man didn’t end up in juvenile hall, he probably got his butt kicked pretty good once he got home. I can’t even imagine the wrath of my parents if I were to steal their car at 10 years old and do something like this. After watching this one, be sure to tell us what the most trouble is that you got in when you were just a kid.