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10-Year-Old Girl Knows How To Drive a SEMI Truck Like a Pro

When kids are young, we would presume that most parents would probably want to get them involved in something that they can be passionate about, maybe even start exposing them to different opportunities that could help them to gain a head start on their future. However, getting a kid behind the wheel of a semi truck isn’t necessarily something that’s the most legal thing in the world to do in most cases. However, when you take public roads out of the equation and have a ton of property to mess around on, it’s something that one might consider teaching to the kids at a younger age than they would normally get an experience like this.

In this one, we check out a scene that is oh so awesome to us as a youngster at 10 years old is behind the wheel of a semi truck and driving it like a pro! Sure, she might not be hurling all of that weight down the highway at 70 mph but we watch as she rolls at a low speed and even manages to shift gears on her own! Most people, if they even learn to drive a stick shift that all, which is getting a lot rarer these days, won’t learn until they reach the appropriate age to get a license and this girl seems to be really ahead of the pack when it comes to a skill like this.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on what appears to be a little bit of a bonding experience as this youngster really shows her command behind the wheel of a machine that is larger than life itself, or so it would seem for someone that age. We really get the feeling that this is something that this girl is going to be able to remember forever, especially with a video like this!


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