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$100 Storage Unit Find James Bond Lotus Submarine Car

If you have been into reality television over the last couple of years, you have probably stumbled across a couple of (probably staged) shows that document people bidding on storage containers and going through said containers to see if there are any hidden gems within to justify their bid and maybe make them a couple of bucks. However, this time, we take the liberty of checking out a unique storage bin find that was never showcased on reality television but would end up being something that would make for some great television, indeed!

It turns out that, when this ready and willing storage bin hunter purchased a bin, sight unseen, for less than $100, that what was inside would end up being something that probably exceeded their wildest expectations. If you want to talk about a good gamble, let’s chat a little bit about how this guy took his crispy Benjamin Franklin and improved upon his money to the tune of almost 10,000%. That’s right, when this guy found a James Bond movie car inside of the bin, it would eventually be sent to auction and prove that it was well worth the $100 to see what was inside of that bin.

While the car didn’t sell for the appraisal value which was believed to be somewhere in the $1.4 million range, it still managed to muster up a bid of almost $1,000,000 at $967,120, an amount that I’m sure the new owner didn’t have a problem with. Personally, I would think that even making $500 would have been a good come up for someone who invested less than $100 but, something this monumental is worthy of being in a top 10 video such as this one. It’s the finds like these that keep the hunt alive and make people keep on going when they’re chasing down storage bin gold!