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1000 degree Red Hot Rocket Knife

I’m not really sure where half of these YouTube scientists come up with their experiments at, but I surely am glad that they do come up with them because some of these things are incredibly interesting to watch unfold and honestly I would rather stay on this side of the screen, anyway.

I get it, bringing up the flaming hot knife deal is like beating a dead horse at this point. Literally every single YouTube channel has come out with a hot knife video and we’re about sick of them at this point too, but we think of this one has a little bit different spin that you might enjoy.

Instead of just taking a flaming hot knife and stabbing around against random objects, this time the YouTuber that calls himself “The Backyard Scientist” takes the concept and straps it to a rocket train in his backyard, thrusting it at various objects with incredible velocity to see how the result will pan out. *Spoiler Alert: It’s COOL!!*

If you want to check out action, it’s all in the video below, you will get a better idea of how exactly the experiment works out as the knife goes against everything from lighters stacked up high to a 2 x 4 by four piece of plywood that the knife gives a run for its money. Stand back, this experiment could get a little bit hot!