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10,000 HP in a Boat… Here’s What Happens

Whether your fix his air, land, or sea, there’s a good chance that somebody has figured out a way to bring an insane adrenaline rush to just about anything that has an engine, regardless of how it travels.

This time, we take an opportunity to dive into what might just be the fastest experience in boating. The idea is simple but rather potent and definitely is enough to get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up when one of these things goes wide open.

Essentially, one day, a madman decided that he wanted to combine 10,000 hp with the water. With that, we would find a top fuel dragster engine shoved into a specially built boat body. With that, the result is able to accomplish over 200 mph. In fact, 10,000 hp might be a rather tame setup as some of these combinations go up to 20,000 hp which is a number that’s almost unfathomable.

This time, we tune in with the Driver61 YouTube channel as our host gives us the full rundown on how exactly something like this comes together. Not only is making that much horsepower quite a challenge but keeping it all planted firmly in the water can be tough as well.

Not only is this a story of superchargers, nitromethane, and wide-open throttles, we even learn a little bit about how things can go incredibly wrong in a hurry. Top Fuel boat drivers are no strangers to everything from explosions to airborne expeditions. At the end of the day, neither one of those things is going to be something that you want on the agenda. Both of them can tend to happen in the snap of the fingers, though.

However, time and time again, race teams tough it out in order to go out there and put on a display of ultimate speed.


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