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$100,000 BMW i8 Totaled Due to a Couple of Bullet Holes

When it comes to insurance, it can really be a tricky beast to pick apart. If you don’t know what you’re looking for as a customer, it could be a good opportunity for certain companies to use the situation to the most of their advantage, saving them as much money as possible. However, on the flipside, it can also be tough for insurance companies that deal with customers who simply seem to be operating beyond reason or have some idea into they can’t get over. It’s a sticky situation and sometimes things can get rather ugly, calling for outcomes that really will blow your mind.

In a situation like this, the whole debate is centered around a vehicle like the BMW i8, a car that’s believed to be worth about $100,000 or so. Now, with damage in the $30,000 range, or so it’s reported, you’d think that insurance would take a crack at trying to fix this. I mean, $30,000 looks a lot more appealing than hundred of thousand dollars, right? However, due to various situations including maybe the need for a buyer to be made whole by just going out and buying another car with some fear that having a repaired car will diminish the value or alter their experience differ from the way that it was in the beginning in some way, cars like this can find their way to the junkyard more often than you would think.

This time, we follow along with the tale of the BMW that ended up at the insurance auction because of a couple of bullet holes that looked like they would be pretty repairable for a reasonable amount of money, however, for some reason that we haven’t been clued into, they decided that it would be more worth it for them and just cut a check to the owner and cut their losses. After seeing something like this, it really paints a picture of what you might be able to come across at a bargain in the world of insurance auctions.