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1000CC Turbocharged Quad Is Every Speed Demon’s Dream

If there’s one concept that rings true through most of the world of wheels, it’s that going fast is like a drug that simply can be tough to put down. Therefore, in order to get their kicks, enthusiasts will go out there and scramble to try and find that perfect combination of power and weight, getting the ratio that’s just right as to propel the machine forward in a nature that can make adrenaline absolutely scream. One of the most affordable ways to accomplish these kinds of goals would be through the use of a platform like a quad. After all, you’re knocking out a substantial amount of weight right off of the bat when compared to a car.

This time, we have the opportunity to take a look at such a quad. It’s one that not only proves to be a lightweight option to sink your teeth into for that need for speed but also one that packs quite a punch as well. It seems like this four-wheeler has undergone some extensive modification, too, through the means of 1000 cubic centimeters of power that have been paired, much like cheese with fine wine, with a little bit of boost to make things more interesting. The sound of the turbocharger when it spools up is simply one that makes you want to grab those handlebars and go for a ride. I think that most would agree that the demonic sound of the turbo is certainly one that has the ability to send a chill straight down your spine just to add the cherry on top.

By following along in the video below, the viewer is introduced to quite the experience as they’re exposed to a set of four wheels that absolutely has to rip when the throttle opens. You would assume that for the rider here, his brain probably nearly bounces to the back of his skull when this thing catches a little bit of traction and leaves.

The only question left to be asked here is if you would be ready and willing to do what it takes to go on a wild ride with such a beast of a machine.

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