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1000HP 10-Ton Kamaz Dakar Truck Goes Sideways up Goodwood Hillclimb

Bear with us for a moment as we take you through an experience. Right now, as you’re reading this, take a quick pause. Close your eyes and picture the ideal set of drifting machines in your head.

For those who actually participated in this exercise, there are probably a select few cars that they had envisioned. Perhaps, they pictured something like a Toyota Corolla, Nissan 240sx, or even a Ford Mustang. All of these would be acceptable answers when talking about the most common drifting machines. Every once in awhile, we even see a wildcard thrown into the mix. This time, however, the entire script is flipped.

Among the vehicles that participate at the Dakar Rally, we find a truck class that is really second to none. Over the past couple of races, the Kamaz Dakar trucks have certainly proven their worth off of the beaten path. The crazy part about this thing is that it’s nothing short of a massive machine. Similar in size to an average box truck, one probably wouldn’t expect a machine of this magnitude to be able to rip around a course, let alone drift it.

In the video below, though, we check in with the 10-ton machine that ends up going sideways up the Goodwood hill. Thanks to 12.5-liters of v8 diesel power, the 1000 hp machine really puts on a show. This truck operated by the Russian team has been known to really dominate the Dakar Rally. Leave it up to the Russians to take a machine like this to the asphalt to continue to flex their muscles. When it gets sideways, they really show off that driving prowess! – NM2255 Car HD Videos.

Car enthusiast or not, watching this thing rocket up the hill is quite the pleasurable experience. There is something so difficult to process about this scene that makes it feel so right!