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1000hp 69 Camaro vs Built Nissan GTR on the Street

The age-old rivalry has been renewed once again, this time on the streets of Mexico.

Watch as this sinister GTR lines up with a slick nitrous-huffing Camaro that churns out four-digit horsepower numbers. Can the AWD Nissan out-hook the more powerful Camaro, or will the meaty slicks on the domestic hotrod provide enough hook to get the job done? All those questions are answered in short order when they line up. The all-wheel pull allowed the GTR to get the jump, as expected, but the Camaro just doesn’t have enough traction to use all of those ponies.

When the camera angle swaps to the Camaro’s point of view, you can see and hear the driver having to feather the throttle a bit. When he’s able to go full throttle, it looks like he’s able to make up some ground on the Nissan, but traction proves to be the deciding factor as the GTR’s lead just grows and grows while the Camaro fights to hook. By the time it’s all said and done, the GTR has a buslengths-lead over the Chevy, chalking up a win for the imports for this battle.