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1,000HP Drift Holden Ute Burnouts and Donuts at the Donut Garage

Australia’s answer to the El Camino, the Holden UTE is pretty badass vehicle. Boasting a healthy LS powerplant and solid styling, the UTE is a popular performance platform in the land down under. Of course, the potential platform of the venerable LS series of engines is widely known, so this UTE’s owner – Pro2 series drift badass Josh Robinson – has his cranked his up to the 1,000 HP mark to ensure he has more than enough power to keep the rear tires rolling smoke!

Robinson took his UTE to the Donut Garage to take a couple of spins around their skid mark-covered drift pad! Firing up the nasty-sounding UTE, Josh wastes no time in sending the tires into high gear and the smoke show continues for quite some time as Josh gets his fill of tirespin therapy. He finally gets his fill of spinning and brings the UTE to a halt amidst the cloud of smoke he’s just create!

We always love to see footage from our gearhead brethren down under, so keep that coming to us, mates!


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