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1000hp Jeep SRT – Funny Reactions!!

Posted by: Matt Wright on December 1, 2015

1000hp Jeep SRT – Funny Reactions!!

When it comes to vehicles that pack a punch, the untrained eye will most definitely not have their eye on a Jeep of any capacity, especially not a family hauler like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As trained and groomed motorheads, however, we know that when we see an SRT-8 badge, we can expect a little something extra to be coming our way!

This time, we check out an SRT-8 Jeep that packs a little more punch than most as a ProCharger system has been introduced to ramp this bad boy up to 1000hp!

Check out the video below that shows off the reactions that a couple of folks have to this Jeep on a mission. Imagine hopping in this thing and expecting it to be a normal ride!


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