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106,000 Honda Ridgeline Pickups Recalled Due To Car Wash Hazard

It seems like every single day, we watch new recalls make their way into the fold. Surely, consumers would like to see their vehicles be as best as they can be out of the box. Nobody likes to have to travel to and from the dealer to make sure that their car or truck is in the best shape that it can be. However, it’s certainly good to see that dealerships are going out there to attempt to make things right should something not pan out with their product. Nobody wants to be responsible for leaving a customer stranded, after all.

Those who are going to be the latest to find their way to the list of recalls are Honda Ridgeline owner. For those who own a 2017 to 2019 Ridgeline, it just so turns out that these vehicles are being recalled for the most obscure of reasons. In fact, this might be the first ever recall that has to do with taking the vehicle into a car wash outside of it leaking. As it turns out, when exposing the fuel pump’s feed ports to car wash conditions, they might not exactly stand up to the test. It is said that after being exposed to such conditions, in fact, they may begin to corrode.

We would probably recommend that for those two find themselves in this window of Honda Ridgeline that they get themselves to a dealer to get that fixed ASAP. With the recall covering over 106,000 trucks, there is a good chance that just about any example of the truck within the year range could be affected. After all, such a problem could definitely be one that could leave a driver stranded. In a situation like this, it’s always better safe than sorry, even for someone who doesn’t often find themselves at the car wash.



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