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11 Mad Engines You May Not Know About

Even though, as automotive enthusiasts, we might all have our favorite engine family, one of the beautiful parts of being able to appreciate the car community is the vast expanse of selections that are out there to choose from. There are just so many combinations that go beyond what you would’ve ever thought of.

Now, as a fan of traditional LSx setups, I’m most certainly not knocking those who prefer to go with the tried and true combination but there’s no way that you can take a look at a list like this and fail to find something that catches your attention, if not for the pure idea of it being obscure to the point of having to share it.

In this compilation video, we check out 11 different engine setups that might be something that you wouldn’t have considered to be a possibility. Some of them are somewhat tame, but on the other end, you have things like a V24 with 12 superchargers or even a two-stroke v8 that makes quite the sound.

Check out the video down below that shows off this whole collection of engines that you definitely don’t see every day and be sure to tell us which of this group caught your attention the most. Can you think of any other setups that should be on this list of the obscure powerplants?


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