1100 HP Hellcat Redeye Winner Takes First Drive in his NEW CAR!

For many people who stumble upon the Speed Society give away cars, they can’t ...

For many people who stumble upon the Speed Society give away cars, they can’t help but wonder what it would be like to win an awesome car. Naturally, this is something that is going to change the life of pretty much anybody who enters if they’re lucky enough to go home with the win.

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However, one thing that we’ve found to be pretty incredible is the experience of actually giving the car away. Being on the giving end is definitely something to write home about and an experience that we wish everybody could feel. I guess that we might say that both sides of the coin here are exciting and invigorating.

Generally, these giveaways start the same way after we find out who actually won. The first thing that we do is give them a call on the phone. As it turns out, some of them just flat out don’t believe us. However, after a little bit of convincing, it’s time to bring the winner out to Speed Society headquarters in sunny San Diego, California, for the VIP experience. Not only do we want the winner to be able to grab the keys to their new ride. We also want to give them a day that they can most certainly remember and even tell their friends about for years to come.

This time, our latest vlog follows the action as we meet with Brayton Swan as he gets his first drive in his 1100 hp Redeye. This giveaway car is certainly a fan favorite and Brayton is going home with a machine that guarantees to put a smile on your face every time that you touch the throttle.

By following along with the video below, viewers will be treated to the experience for themselves. Who knows? If you enter you might even be the next one flying out to sunny San Diego for the VIP experience, complete with a one of a kind dream car.

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