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1100whp Foxbody VS 1000+whp TT Silverado

This is not your typical Chevy vs. Ford battle.  Here you got a 93 Fox Body Ford Mustang vs. a 95 Chevrolet Silverado.  In your mind you are probably already thinking the Mustang wins hands down, but not so fast.  This Silverado packs a hell of a punch.


The 95 Chevy Silverado is sporting a pair of 76mm Turbos, built up 5.3 liter motor, built 4l80E Transmission and puts over 1,000 hp to the wheels.  That seems a little unfair to the Mustang, but don’t feel too sorry for the Ford yet.

93 Mustang

This Foxbody Mustang has swapped the motor for a 331 cubic inch power plant, an 88mm turbo boosting 16 psi, 80 hp shot of nitrous, c4 auto trans with a 3800 torque converter and puts down 1067hp and 1097 ft/lbs of torque.  The winner may surprise you.  Watch it here and find out.


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