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$114 on a No-Name Welder That Should Cost $1800, Could it Work?

If you want to learn something about somebody, you can look at the contents of their toolbox and that might say a thing or two. If nothing else, it’ll key you into exactly what they’re willing to spend on certain items and what their beliefs are in terms of the store brand versus name brand. In some situations, you can go with a cheaper alternative and get a decent result to the point where, even if the tool breaks, you can go buy another one but sometimes, it’s just worth buying the name brand tool to start with.

Other times, people just go all out, decking out their entire collection with the most expensive tools that money can buy with the hopes that maybe they will never have to replace any of their tools, which is kind of wishful thinking because even some of the most expensive brands have products that don’t live up to the hype or the bloated price tag.

This time, we check out the likes of a welder that was picked up off of Amazon for $114, making it the cheapest welder that this individual could possibly find on the site. He says that similar welders that actually have a name behind them and you know are going to work will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $1800 brand-new. Essentially, we’re looking at 10% of the investment here. You can see why something like this would be worth trying out for some people as they don’t want to spend the insane amount of money on those high end products.

Thanks to a demonstration like this, you’re able to do all that testing all without spending a single dime as you watch one individual’s take as he picks up a cheap welder and sees if the tool can do the job of an expensive one. Whether or not this thing is going to produce decent results is really up in the air but after watching this one experience, you might be able to decide if it’s worth picking this thing up, even at such a low price point.


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