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1200hp Turbo Terminator Cobra Shoots for the Moon!

When it comes to the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals, you find some insane machines making their way down the lanes as some of the most impressive cars in the world come from all over to run flat out in the quarter mile. As it’s pretty much the wrap-up of the racing season, guys are willing to turn their cars up a little bit more and let them eat! This is why you see records falling, especially when combined with the excellent air that you get that time of year that has shown to be the best that you’ll find anywhere in the country!

This time, we take the opportunity to check out yet another car from this event that brings so many beasts to the table. It comes out us in the form of a Ford Mustang but not just any Mustang. As you can see on the surface, this car is a Terminator Cobra, However, It doesn’t exactly look the way that it did when it came out of the box, at least not under the hood. Instead, this thing has seen some pretty extensive modification in order to keep up with its class racing that really has a lot to offer. As with anyone at the event, the guys were working diligently on it to get the best pass possible and, in the process, managed to put together a string of 8-second passes.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the car as it makes its journey through the pack, dealing with a whole string of imports as it was the only domestic car in the Super Street field at the event. It did look quite promising as a car was putting up competitive times for the class but, unfortunately, on the first run of eliminations, the car bumped a little bit too far forward, pushing through the beams and drawing a red light. However, it’s still incredibly impressive to watch this thing barrel its way down the lanes!