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NRE 1200hp Twin Turbo LS Goes WIDE OPEN For 5 Minutes on Dyno

In the world of performance, there are all kinds of different builds for different kinds of applications. Depending on what kind of action is afoot, the combination is going to change. For example, something like a drag car is going to be built differently than a race boat. In said race boat, perhaps the engine has to run wide open for minutes at a time. It’s no secret that something like that could be challenging, especially with boost.

This time, we hit the dyno room over at Nelson Racing Engines as they show off an application that takes a crack at it anyway. The engine might only be 260 cubic inches but boy have they managed to stretch that displacement. In fact, the twin turbo powerplant is capable of 1200 horsepower!

Even by today’s incredibly high standards, a motor like this will turn heads just about everywhere that it goes. When it comes time to really get down to business, this thing will back up all that bark as well with plenty of bite. There’s really nothing like the sound of massive amounts of power pouring out with a little bit of boost to push it along. That turbo whistle is nothing short of spine-chilling to listen to! The real question that remains is if all that power can run at wide open for an extended time.

Check out the video demonstration from the dyno room below to really show you what this thing has got. NRE cranks up the heat a little bit to get to quite a desirable power range. The only difference between this dyno pull than others is that it’s happening for an extended time. There aren’t too many places that one could go to hear 1200 hp wide open for an entire 5 minutes. This is really something special. We can’t wait to see this river racer rip!