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1210Whp E85 Twin Turbo Sand Truck On The Dyno

1210Whp E85 Twin Turbo Sand Truck On The Dyno

We’ve seen some wicked rigs hit the sand, but this sand truck may change your perspective on the activities that go down on the dunes!

This 4×4 rig is powered by 540 cubic inches of American iron complimented with twin Garrett 42r turbos and fueled by e85. When the power is transferred to all four wheels via the built TH400 transmission, this beast lays down over 1200hp to the rear wheels!

Check out this screaming beast as it just about yanks itself off of the dyno. We would love to see more of this ultimate sleeper punishing the sand. Heck, it might even surprise a few folks on the drag strip as well!

Check Out This BEAST Ripping Through The Sand!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.43.09 AM


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