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125CC Hand Made Miniature V10 Engine Is An Engineering Masterpiece!

There is an incredible amount of precision that goes into building any engine, from a junkyard small block on up to an ultra-modern Formula 1 engine, the tolerances have to be tight for everything to work as planned, although some are obviously a little tighter than others. The same applies to miniature engines and the amount of engineering that goes into them in order to make them crank and run like their full-sized counterparts.

This replica V10 engine is nothing short of amazing, with a fit and finish that would make even the most stringent engine builder proud. Plus, not only do we get to see the engine itself, finished and running like the well-oiled machine that it is, we also get a walkthrough of the build and a great look at how the engine was brought to life. Needless to say, the amount of time and energy that goes into something like this requires devotion and passion.

The 125cc displacement model fires up and runs, sounding very much like a sport bike engine as it purrs and revs on a tiny dyno. It’s crazy to see how much this replica looks like a 1:1 scale engine, especially when it’s running. The intake, and especially the throttle body, looks almost identical to a GM Tuned Port Injection system from the mid-80’s Corvette and Camaro lineup. The headers are also small works of art, looking very much like a full sized set of custom fabbed tubes.

This video is several minutes long, but really dives deep into what it takes to bring a project like this out of the idea phase in to existence. Go ahead and grab a drink and a snack and watch the process of each individual component being designed and built, making this engine a truly one-off creation that anybody would be proud to say they had made.