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12v Cummins Square Body Hauler Sliding in the Snow

If there is one thing that can take a fully grown adult and instantly revert them to their childish ways, that thing would be snow falling from the sky and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. If you’re a gearhead, enough snow might dictate that you head out in whatever car you have a your fingertips and start sliding sideways!

While these guys didn’t necessarily have a regular car to go for a ride, they did come up with a super long hauling vehicle that would get the trick done in just the right way while also managing to make quite an interesting to watch a video while they were doing the sliding.

In this one, we get in on the joy as a 12v Cummins square body hauler gets thrown sideways in the snow as it drifts around a light pole. We’re willing to bet that this is probably the first time that this vehicle has ever been put into any kind of drifting situation.

Check out the video below is this obscure playtime vehicle gets put into action in a way that nobody would have ever thought possible! What is the most obscure vehicle that you have ever seen throwing down in the snow like this?