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13 Big Rigs Line Up Under Freeway Overpass To Help Person Considering Suicide

Many times, it’s not the things that you will do in front of the camera to help somebody out or the grand gesture that you will make on social media that makes you look like a good person but instead, maybe it’s the things that you do in the dark of the night in Detroit when you’re truly being inconvenienced and making an effort that could go a long way toward helping somebody else out. For these 13 big rig drivers, they sacrificed several hours of their time that could otherwise have been used to make money and traded that time in the name of hopefully doing something to save somebody else’s life.

When police would discover a man hanging off of the side of a bridge and threatening to jump, some quick thinking would have them getting nearby semi truck drivers to pull under the bridge to attempt to shorten the fall and help reduce the risk of the man actually being able to end his own life. It took quite a while but eventually, three hours later, the police did manage to talk the man into stepping away from the dangerous position and getting himself some professional help. When you watch the scene unfold in action, it’s hard to imagine what that individual must’ve been going through at the time and your heart is warmed by the actions of the truckers on that early morning.

Now, you might be telling yourself that the individual could have easily jumped and fallen in between some of these trailers, however, it leads you to think that perhaps the sheer act of that many people being willing to help could’ve been what aided in saving this man’s life.

Sometimes, seeing that are human beings, even complete strangers, who actually do care enough about you to stop what they’re and help out goes an incredibly long way. We have to really congratulate the truckers here who put aside their own lives for a moment to help save the life of another.