150 mph Rocket Knife

Back in the day, the popular TV show, MythBusters, put some quite interesting ...

Back in the day, the popular TV show, MythBusters, put some quite interesting theories to the test, using incredibly high budgets and an advanced background in science to put these theories under a microscope to see exactly how realistic they would be in real life and this time, we check out a backyard recreation of one of those experiments.

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Sure, they put that “do not try this at home” warning at the beginning of experiments like this for a reason, but it doesn’t look like a YouTube sensation that’s known as the Backyard Scientist really cares when doing this rocket knife experiment. We’re sure that he’s taking proper safety precautions behind the scenes, anyway.

With the use of a custom crafted knife contraption and a homemade propane rocket, this knife is launched at a variety of objects and doesn’t hesitate to slice all of them in half with a clean cut no matter how unlikely the outcome may seem.

From a model Jeep to a selection of fruit and even a chicken, this knife goes straight through all of the victims with ease and creates a rather interesting result as none of the objects even suffered as much as a single chip or bruise as this knife was all about clean cuts!

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