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1500HP Supra 6 speed CRAZY fast!

1500HP Supra 6 speed CRAZY fast!

The  Toyota Supra is widely regarded as one of the most respected cars to ever hit the streets. Although jokes circulate that they live their lives as dyno queens, this particular Supra puts that notion to rest.

Joel Grannas Racing was on a mission when they first went to the drawing board with a Supra in hand and the result is beyond pleasing. At the end of the day, the build cranks out 1500hp to the rear tires and scoots down the quarter mile like something that resembles a rocket ship.

Check out Supra in the video below from the guys at  That Racing Channel. This beast punishes the pavement in style as it clocks in terrifying passes in the low 8-second range all without nitrous. Imagine what this monster would do on the bottle!

Want more squatting Supra action? Why didn’t you just ask!?

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