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1/5th Scale Jet Dragster Test with Wild Afterburner

Just yesterday, we ran across the first footage we’d seen of a jet powered radio controlled dragster, and now we’ve found more. This doesn’t appear to be the same car, but the configuration is the same and it’s every bit as cool as the one we saw yesterday. This one sounds like it might be cranking out even more power, and there’s one really cool aspect of this video that the other one didn’t show: the fuel consumption rate!

Watch the fuel jug each time the trigger is pulled. When the flames leap from the rear, you can actually see the fuel level in the container drop, and it’s not really even all that subtle. This obviously begs the question of how big a fuel tank this car will require once time comes to hit the track. We know it only has to go a couple hundred feet under full power, but with the fuel comsumption that looks to rival that of a top fuel dragster, that may still require a hefty fuel cell. In a world where grams and ounces matter, a fuel tank that holds enough fuel to get the car to the finish line under power just might be too much of a burden for the jet engine to be beneficial.

However, when it come to cool factor, there are few things that rank above a jet powered, radio controlled dragster with full afterburner function. And at the end of the day, speed certainly matters, but we can see the absolute badassness of just showing up and pulling this thing out of you car and setting it loose in the parking lot at the local cruise in and drawing a huge crowd, even if it doesn’t really go that fast, or if it can only go a few yards before it drinks all the gas in the tank. There’s no doubt everybody who lays eyes on this thing is going to love it, especially when the turbine spins up and starts belching foot-long flames out of the rear!


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