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Ride Of A Lifetime – 160 MPH, Twin Turbo Race Boat!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 25, 2021

To go fast on land,  it takes a special kind of person who can deal with the adrenaline of blasting to high speeds. A trust between man and machine must be cultivated for this such a journey to be successful. For those who have this need for speed, it might seem like second nature at this point. However, this time, we’re shooting for a bit more than speed on land as we go along on a ride that would probably terrify a good amount of people when considering all of the factors in play.

What’s so special about this one?

When taking that speed to the water, it really kicks the whole ordeal up another notch. Not only have occupants reported that water makes one feel like they’re going twice as fast but the change of surface with any choppy water could make the stomach churn. Nobody wants to be going for an unforeseen jaunt into the air. With all of that in mind, the intensity associated with a 160 mph boat ride gets the adrenaline flowing. Even with a vessel designed to reach out and touch these rates of speed, it’s hard to predict what will come about.

This time, we check out a boat that is truly a monster that could leave just about anyone speechless. This incredible machine is able to use a pair of turbos to rocket to some insane speeds and get there in a hurry! Once this thing catches a smooth stretch of water, just forget about it!

There’s just something so special about watching a boat rocket around like this so seemingly effortlessly that really makes us want to get into the hobby full swing! Be sure to check out the action and tell us what you think of it for yourself. It almost gets the adrenaline going, even from this side of the screen!

Miss DiJulio

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Posted by BOAT WARP on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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