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1600 HP Twin Turbo Grand National – Owner Reacts to First Ridealong

It’s always commendable when manufacturers dare to step outside the mainstream and explore unconventional concepts, leading to the discovery of new ideas and the potential for groundbreaking innovation.

One such bold move in the automotive world was made by Buick with the introduction of the Grand National. Back in the mid-1980s, releasing a V6 turbocharged sports car was a daring departure for a company like General Motors. It was a move ahead of its time, as turbochargers later became a staple of automotive performance. The Grand National’s turbocharged V6 might’ve been ahead of its era but sadly had a short production span, making it a rare and cherished gem in the eyes of enthusiasts.

Today, the Buick Grand National is a highly sought-after classic, celebrated for its unique attributes and historical significance. In this feature, we dive into an exceptionally pristine example that has undergone an impressive transformation.

Under the hood of this immaculate Grand National, the iconic turbocharged V6 has made way for something even more potent – a 427 cubic-inch LS7 power plant. Paired with twin turbochargers and a host of performance enhancements, this beastly machine now boasts an astounding 1600 horsepower.

The transformation was masterfully executed by The Roadster Shop, a team renowned for its exceptional automotive builds. As the new owner is exposed to this awe-inspiring creation for the first time, one can’t help but marvel at the passion and skill poured into this project.

With a power output like few others, this Buick Grand National LS7 Twin Turbo Monster is destined to bring countless smiles to its fortunate owner for years to come. The fusion of modern power and classic styling embodies the spirit of automotive innovation, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible for this beloved icon. Let’s just say that this ride is most certainly one special Buick.