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1600hp TT Lambo Spinout at 100MPH! .

This footage is From the Shift s3ctor half mile races. The OB Prestige Auto TT Heffner Lambo is quite the beast, and a HUGE attention getter with that red chrome wrapped body. With power numbers that have not been released, this car kept up with the 1600-1800hp Lambos at Texas Invitatioanal. Last weekend at the Shift Sector 1/2 mile race the car broke traction and slid off course at over 100MPH, not something you see every day!

This Lamborghini seems to bite very hard once traction breaks it always cuts to the right off the track as you can see in the newest video  of it crashing into a lake!

Watch this Lamborghini do battle and have a little mishap while staying safe.