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163 Days of Effort Brings All-New Atlanta Motor Speedway to Life (13 Minute Supercut)

For those who thought that race tracks weren’t a living breathing thing, think again.

In fact, from year to year, some racetracks change a ton! Not only are they resurfaced with fresh materials that will treat tires a lot better and help drivers not have to deal with questionable conditions. We sometimes also find that the dynamics of the track change as well.

One of the big topics of discussion around the NASCAR water cooler this off-season was that of Atlanta Motor Speedway. With some alterations this offseason, the track has been substantially changed in the name of more interesting competition.

In the name of mixing things up a little bit, officials at Atlanta decided that they wanted to bring drivers in and consult them on what could make the track better. With that, a variety of changes would alter the track to make it the highest banked intermediate track in NASCAR for this upcoming season. The idea was to borrow some of the features that make Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Motor Speedway interesting and combine them into one track.

This time, Atlanta Motor Speedway let us in on the effort that took 163 days of hard work and condenses it all into 13 minutes. Things like this might be something that fans can tend to take for granted. At the end of the day, we just either turn on our TVs or show up at the race track, all without realizing the effort that goes into putting a surface like this together to make it something that will create the most epic race as possible.

Down in the video below, we check in with Atlanta Motor Speedway, though, to see the effort that went into giving the track a facelift.

This upcoming year will be the moment of truth to see if all these changes make racing at Atlanta a dream. As many have aired their concerns with the quality of races at the facility, perhaps this will be the year that launches Atlanta’s layout into the stratosphere.

NASCAR Cup racers take laps at the all-new Atlanta Motor Speedway.


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