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1687WHP Monster Toyota Supra Brutal Dyno Runs

In the world of performance, there are all kinds of different builds for different kinds of applications. Sure, some ride around with tame applications, leaning toward the mild side, then there are some who even decide to kick it up a notch to have quick machines with a little bit of bite behind them but then there are others who go to a completely new level, blowing the cap off of the whole operation with all kinds of juice behind their set of wheels.

This time, we follow along with a dyno session that has a big power Toyota Supra hitting the rollers and this thing is a pure joy to watch and listen to. There’s just something about the sound of that turbo that really makes everything inside of you come alive and glue your eyes to the action.

Even by today’s incredibly high standards, a setup like this will turn heads just about everywhere that it goes. These cars are widely regarded as fan favorites and when you watch something like this, you can see why! When it really comes time to back it up, you can tell that the car can get down to business as well, it isn’t just a pretty face that the fans love.

Check out the video demonstration from the dyno room below to really show you what this thing has got as it cranks up the heat a little bit to get to quite a desirable power range. After you check out this machine that’s pure music to the ears, be sure to tell us what you think of the output by this monster.