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17 Year Old Sets 1/4 Mile Record for the Lamborghini Huracan Performante

The guys over at the Drag Times YouTube channel headed out to Palm Beach International Dragway recently, where they caught up with some pretty cool folks. Among the owners of the exotics on the PBIR property was Alex and his son, who were putting their Lamborghini Huracan Performante through the paces on the quarter mile. We are well aware the Performante is far from optimized for the quarter, and it shows when the car launches but we can’t fault Alex and his kid for having some fun in the $330K supercar.

Before turning him loose on the sticky Florida drag strip, Alex rode with his son to show him the staging procedures and make sure he hit the shifts downtrack. Even with the extra weight of his father, the seventeen year old driver lays down an impressive 10.78 elapsed time at just a tick under 130 MPH. With his father ready to sign off on him taking the car down the track himself, our young gun brings the car back around and lays down an even more impressive 10.61 at 131.78 MPH, knocking over a tenth and a half off of his first run. Feeling like there was more in the car, the kid comes back around for one more pass to see if he can dip into the 10.50’s, which is an impressive threshold for any car, whether it’s setup for the track or not.

On his final run, the wheelman knocks another eight hundredths of a second off his elapsed time, tripping the beams with a stout 10.53 run at 134 MPH, which is a new elapsed time record for the Performante model in the quarter mile. For a completely stock car that was clearly built for carving corners to rip off a 10.53 in the quarter is impressive by any standard. The fact that it was just the driver’s third trip down the track in the car has me thinking this thing just might be in the 10.30’s if they can get it to leave a little harder (1.8 second sixty foots are not that great, so there’s some more left it in off the line for sure). Congrats to Alex and his son both for being cool dudes and racing their car and for claiming the record for their ride in the quarter!