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As the father of 15 year old and 9 year old kids, I’ve heard the name Tanner Fox for a while. While Tanner has his moments of obnoxious ridiculousness, he’s definitely not the worst of the YouTube kids who have made fortunes off their channels by posting their adventures for all the world to see.

Tanner has had quite a few cool rides despite his young age, and in this video – the introduction to the second season of his vlog – he’s taking delivery of a brand new Ford F150 Raptor and, in true TFox fashion, he takes it for some offroading fun, but if you’re looking back up at the title and thinking that’s where things go wrong, you’re mistaken.

No, young Tanner actually doesn’t outdrive his skills while taking the truck offroad within minutes of signing the paperwork on it. Instead he gets a little taste of how quickly inattention can make you look like an idiot. As much as I have to assume Fox would rather have a cool story about how he smooshed the passenger side fender of his day-old truck, he’s stuck with a cautionary tale about parking lot poles and how you need to pay attention to them when you’re picking up your friends.

That’s right, folks. He sideswiped a concrete pole in the parking lot while honking the horn at his friend. However, I’m not here to make an example of Fox, because this can happen to literally any of us and likely has happen to a few of you reading this. Incidents like this happen when we get a little too confident, when our “I got this” meter pegs out, we often are quickly reminded that we don’t, in fact, got this. And that’s exactly what happened to Tanner.

However, I have to give him credit for owning up to his mistake and admitting that it was his own inattention that caused him to ding up his new ride instead of trying to play it off as something else. That shows maturity, something many young YouTube sensations lack.


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