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180MPH battle Honda CBR1000rr vs 900HP Nissan

180MPH battle Honda CBR1000rr vs 900HP Nissan If you’re not familiar with ThatRacingChannel’s Nissan 240sx then now is a better time than any for you to get acquainted. The 240 makes 900hp to the rear tire via a 2JZ and 7175 turbo and this car will race anything in its path. Last time the car struggled to keep up with “Sleeper,” the mods unknown CBR1000rr. We kind of expected that as sleeper hold the title of the fastest Honda CBR1000 in the southeast. Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 1.42.51 AMThis time we have an opponent that provides a bit closer bout. What is the Nissan up against? This time it faces off against an exhaust and tune CBR1000rr. Will the Nissan be able to prevail against the slightly less powerful, but still very respectable bike? Check it out for yourself in the video below!


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