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190mph Hondata Insight Crashes Spectacularly – How Did He Survive?

A video like this can truly be terrifying, so we will start off by telling you that the driver was able to escape with minor injuries so your mind can be at ease here.

When you watch the clip, you’re going to be wondering exactly how the safety equipment was able to work so well because, to be honest, we couldn’t even count how many times the car barrel rolled and that was before it started going end over end.

Brian Gillespie was behind the wheel on his HASport Honda Insight making a pass at the El Mirage Dry Lakes Meet when, all of a sudden, the car that had accelerated to somewhere in the 180mph to 190mph range, got sideways, and went for the nastiest rollover that we have seen in recent memory if not ever.

You’ve got to see this clip that had to make all the spectators’ stomachs sink as those on hand for this one had to be thinking the worst. This definitely looks like a situation that the driver wasn’t making it out of in one piece.

You can see all of the action below that shows why Brian should be thanking whoever he prays to that he is still breathing and walking around on this Earth.