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1922 Footage Showcases One of the First Ever Car Stunt Jumps

Sometimes, it can be valuable to shift our minds to really put everything in perspective. Sure, it can be easy to complain about certain trivial complaints. However, when we take a look at the bigger picture, most things are pretty good compared to life as recent as a couple of decades ago.

I mean, being able to order just about anything one could ever want or need to their own front door in a day or two is pretty awesome, and what could be cooler than having all of the world’s information right in your own pocket?

Another area of life that has vastly improved over the years is that of the automobile. These days, the great debate seems to be about if electric or combustion power will reign supreme but the fact of the matter is that no matter which way things go, they’re a heck of a lot better than they were back in the 1920s.

This time, we take a moment to check in with an extreme example of how not durable cars were back then with the help of a stunt display that might be one of the first ever. Yes, people were daredevils even back in the 1920s.

Sure, if one were to jump a factory-stock car over a house as we see in the video below these days, things might get pretty ugly. However, this particular outing went cartoonishly bad as the driver approaches the home and puts on a jumping display. Afterward, the car explodes into a ton of pieces!

We don’t get a ton of background here but we would probably guess that the car featured in this “1922 American Automobile Leaping Show” most likely has been modified to handle the jump. Fast forward to 100 years later and we have seen many modified things with wheels pull off much wilder jumps with ease. In any case, it’s still a lot of fun to take a trip back in time just to see what a daredevil looked like back then.

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