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1958 Kenworth Barn Find WIll Take You Back in Time! Epic Barn Find!

Of all the barn finds we’ve seen, this thing could be one of the coolest yet! While it’s no ultra-rare Superbird or pair of super low-mileage Grand Nationals, this 1958 Kenworth is still a great find because, assuming it’s been parked in this building for quite some time, a 60 year old K-Dub with low miles would be very rare and likely worth quite a bit. Coming from a family that was supported by the trucking industry, big rigs are pretty near and dear to my heart, so this thing immediately jumped out at me when I saw this video. The skadill YouTube channel that posted the video originally is based out of British Columbia, so I assume this truck is north of the border.

The Kirkland, Washington-based manufacturer was founded in 1923 and has been one of the worlds largest Class 8 truck suppliers during their 94 year run. KW’s are known for their dependability and relatively low price compared to longtime rival Peterbilt. The 1958 model shown in the video is almost certainly one of the finest example of such a truck left today, as nearly all big rigs were driven hard until they were either replaced and scrapped or crashed beyond repair. Rarely does anyone invest in such a rig just to park it and save for posterity, so to find one in such great shape and likely having relatively low miles is pretty amazing.

Hopefully the finders have the truck restored to full working order and get it back in drivable condition so it can be shared with other enthusiasts out there. As a whole, the trucking industry is massive and features a huge enthusiast and show scene that would love to welcome such a rare find into its world. We’ll see if we can find any updates on this story to share with our audience.


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