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1962 Corvette Rescued After Being Parked Since 1970 (Dennis Collins Coffee Walk)

It’s absolutely no secret that hunting for barn finds is a pretty exciting job. When you’re searching around for cars that have been neglected by their owners or forgotten about, you absolutely never know what you’re going to come across. While many of these finds are in complete need of restoration as they have rotted into the ground, sometimes, there are diamonds to be found in the rough.

While many of these cars need to be fully restored, there are others that are survivors that maybe just need a little bit of fixing up without going through the full restoration process. This is exciting not only because the car is pretty close to completion upon buying it but the machine gets to retain some of the lusters that it came with off of the assembly line. There is an absolute premium on original cars for just this reason.

This time, we ride along with Dennis Collins as he takes us on another episode of Coffee Walk where he comes across a machine that is incredibly exciting, to say the least. The machine in question this time is none other than a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette from Auburn, MI that is nothing short of an absolute time capsule. Perhaps the best part of the deal is that the car is said to have been parked since it was just 8 years old. Therefore, we would imagine that most of it is original and just waiting to be saved.

Down in the video below, we tune in to see exactly what condition the car is in as they it has been sitting for so long and what kind of deal Dennis can come up with. Videos like these are truly special as we get to unearth history that has been sitting and waiting for a little bit of love.


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