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1966 Corvair With a “Reverse Body Lift” is The Coolest Build We Have Seen Yet!

There’s “different“, and then there’s “DIFFERENT!”.

Choosing a Corvair as your platform of choice for a show car is different. Taking a Corvair and outfitting it with a reverse funny car-style flip top body, a supercharged six cylinder powerplant and Ferrari Testarossa-style door treatments is DIFFERENT! And it’s pretty damn cool.

The car, a 1966 model, certainly stands out even among the sea of gorgeous cars at the Car Craft Summernationals, thanks to the unique selection of mods the owner chose. The most obvious and attention-grabbing is the reverse body lift, allowing a peek at all of the polished detail beneath. The blown engine and other mods are a little less obvious, but certainly add to the appeal of this unusual choice of show car. All in all, it makes for a pretty cool package!


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