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1967 Shelby Cobra Wreck

1967 Shelby Cobra Wreck Pulling Out Of Parking Lot.

An unnamed woman driver plows a perfectly good AC Cobra into another car nearby after revving the engine consistently and hammering the throttle as hard as she can out of a driveway. I mean if she could not get it in reverse I think it was time to call it quits. To think she had trouble placing this Cobra in reverse, then trouble exiting the parking lot or simply letting out the clutch graciously it seemed, one would think it was time to stop driving whats said to be “hubbies” car while he was away. We don’t have much to add here but do wonder if there was maybe a medical issue that caused this? Could she of been having a seizure? Either way the Cobra seems to be pretty messed up. What would you do if this was your car? Weigh in at SpeedSociety Fan Page.

This Cobra vs Duramax battle comes out a lot closer than you might think.