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1968 Mustang GT “Bullitt” Movie Car Sells For An Astounding $3.4 Million Dollars

As car lovers, we’ve all started somewhere, and something brought our love of motorsports and automobiles to fruition. No matter what generation you grew up in you had something to idolize, whether it be the Dukes of Hazzard ’69 Charger, Dom’s Charger from the Fast And The Furious, or in many cases this 1969 Fastback Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in “Bullitt

Now, most movie cars are just props, and not actually equipped with anything spectacular, but not these cars. Ford had lent the Mustangs to Warner Bros as a promotional piece to showcase the cars. Two ’68 Fastbacks with 325hp 390ci V8 engines, and 4-speed manuals which were modified by veteran racer and technician Max Balchowsky. These cars would be used in chase scenes through the streets of San Francisco to be chased by ’68 Chargers equipped with 440 Cubic Inch Big Blocks. At the time this movie was filmed Steve McQueen was a world-class race car driver and chosen to pilot the legendary Mustang for many of the shots.

The car auctioned off by Mecum Auctions today was used in the majority of the scenes and left untouched since the filming of the movie. After the filming of the movie was wrapped up a Warner Bros employee Robert Ross purchased the car, which was then sold in 1970 to New Jersey Detective Frank Marranca. Marranca sold the car to Robert Kiernan in 1974. After Kiernan passed away in 2014 it was turned over to his son.

This car came with a letter from Steve McQueen to Robert Kiernan requesting to buy the car, as well as documents of registration in California, a letter from Warner Bros stating that it was, in fact, the “Hero Car” From the 1968 movie, and the 21st vehicle entered into the National Historic Vehicle Register.

This particular car was Unveiled to the public at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show alongside Ford’s 3rd edition Bullitt Mustang

It retains camera mounts welded into the rockers, and a rebuilt S-code 390 cubic inch V8, with a 4 barrel carb, and a 4 speed, the “GT” Emblems had been removed, and the grill blacked out (The iconic Bullitt look still used today) and a set of American Racing Torqthrust wheels, and plenty of original damage from the making of the movie.


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